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About me:

I am interested in staging which generates universally understandable situations, ones that connect equally with both adult and children. In order to achieve this, I try to overcome language barriers through various communicative techniques and by changing words for music, onomatopoeia, movement, mime and great doses of good humor. A timeless good humor that, without expiration date, can criticize different aspects of modern society; Such as rigidity of standards, technological progress or the shallowness in which we live in today.

I really love fregolism (an art which involves acting at full speed), that is why my shows are often fast, at the rate of a music video. I use the visual gag as the main tool to create scenarios that work as a clockwork mechanism.

I look for actors who perform a skillful and energetic interpretation, working with a texture similar to those of the clown: honesty, distance and exaggeration. I like to count on creativity and imagination of each member of my team, since I believe collaboration is the key to a great job.

I have been influenced by popular court arts such as street theater, commedia dell arte, cinema or cartoons. In every show I express how different techniques coexist, such as acrobatics, magic, dance or Chinese shadows. Minimalist and suggestive sets captivate me, as well as taking care of every sound detail in order to accentuate, accompany or produce contrast.

In short, I want my staging to be extroverted, funny and brilliant, as I consider that entertainment is theater’s ultimate goal, even when trying a deep subject or telling a sad story.